The BCCCA is partnering to promote and recognize one day a year to thank and acknowledge the vital contribution that cleaners make to our everyday lives.
Find out how your company can participate in this event to be celebrated in the workplace and media on October 19th.
Presented by Steven Hughes – Kärcher Canada.

Tim Clifford, who is spearheading the roll-out of this special day for the BCCCA introduced Steve Hughes.

Steve wanted to say Kudos to the BCCCA organization, When they were looking to partner with an Association they found ours to be what they were looking for. Innovative, forward thinking.

Steve, said this concept was started by Karcher in 2015
The purpose being to Look at the people that clean. We really do not have an opportunity to say thank you to them as most of the time they are working at night.
Hospitals are important to keep clean but offices are also important. If desk surfaces were not kept clean a very bad virus like the” Norwalk” go through a bldg very fast that could cripple office operations for a few days.
Often we hear from Janitorial Companies it is hard to find good people. Job satisfaction, is an important part of one’s job …..One of the reasons we have high turn over is people do not hear that are happy with the cleaners work.
It is time to change that and October 19th 2016 is the day to do that.
Why October 19th….Late September to to November is the busiest times in the office. So rolling this “Thank Your Cleaner day” gives us more exposure to this new program.
Also it is an opportunity to expand our Brand and to increase our profile. It is the ultimate compound interest ….one person tells another and so on and so on……
This is one small step to move the profile of the industry forward.
Karcher is in 60 countries. Raising the profile of cleaners you increase value…more visible more value.

In the Coming weeks you will see this in trade magazines, hear it on Radio and see it on TV.
So a good reason to support this initiative. It will help to move the professional cleaning industry forward. It will grow our relationship with our clients. Also Unions are involved. The Unions are saying everyone wants to be appreciated and thanked us for showing appreciation to our membership.
BCCCA is driving this campaign…..Karcher is sponsoring it.
The kits will be sent out to you if you would like to participate. Karcher ” Thank Your Cleaner Day” are free. To engage everyone is our goal. There is a letter designed to be given to our clients. This program also engages our employees.
It keeps staff happy and deters high turn over.
There will be prime time coverage is the key to 3rd party engagement. Public interest stories. If we generate interest in this day. It will help to to increase profile of the Building Service workers and that does increase business.
We will be in full launch mode now as of Monday in Canada . Oct 19th …Why do we get prime time attention is because it is a global event. That will increase our value.
One of the sustainability programs Karcher has is ” Cleaning National Monuments ” . Karcher has cleaned Mt.Rushmore, Jesus Statue in Rio. and the Seattle space needle.
Please take photos of this day to share.