Tim Clifford led us in round-table discussion of the following topics.

1. A New BCCCA website – What do we want the BCCCA website to represent. Is there a stated goal for the website.
Today people expect more from a website. Link ups to social media is required
for example: we could have a link to a website that has over a 1000 training videos.
Easy to find resources for our members to use.
Do we want mentoring to happen?
Why would a small company join us?
Maybe a job board?
Would there be an advantage to a “members only” section on the website.
Our Values should be on the website. When a company signs up to be a member, they have to sign into a value statement, do they pay minimum wage? Are they a legal company?
Perhaps the call to action should be on the first page of the Website WHY SHOULD YOU JOIN?
All companies have resources they want to share, we can invite those companies to share innovations with the members on the website.
A letter head might be an advantage when Members are quoting.

2. Minimum Wage:
It is going up to $11.75 n 2017, and then heading to $15.00
We need to help our members out there to get $15.00 before it happens.
We need to get ahead of the curve.
In New Zealand there is a recognized living wage
Reality of business is can I pay my policy of paying above Minimum wage
It will hit everyone across the board.
An approach might be when a company tell you when they are going to in house cleaning? how can you still be of service to them.? Be the go to person for your customer. Give them the facts about in-house cleaning as opposed to professional cleaning. Provide them with a list of cleaning points they can have their in-house cleaner follow.
Ask them if they have anyone to cover the cleaning while their in-house cleaner is on Vacation.

3. Thank Your Cleaner Day Part ll

Steven Hughes of karcher, brought a cake to the BCCCA luncheon to celebrate the first ever Thank Your cleaner Day! and thanking the BCCCA of behalf of Karcher. of our involvement and committment to making the day a success.
It was an honour for the BCCCA to be asked to help bring forth the first Thank Your Cleaner day! We needed a presence on social media. So we quickly put a facebook page up and there were many entries
There were two political entries one from from the Honourable Shirley Bond – MLA for Prince George – Valemont and the other from the honourable Bruce Ralston, MLA from Surrey – whalley.

Plus entries from Sodexo, Cleantech, Metropolitan,
Thank your Cleaner day increases the value of the Professional Cleaning Industry and shows our many staff appreciation.