The BC Contract Cleaners Association is a registered non-profit society whose purposes as set out in its constitution are:

  1. To promote the viability of the Contract Cleaning Industry in British Columbia.
  2. To promote the exchange of information and ideas between members for the good of the Contract Cleaning industry.
  3. To promote the education of members and employees of members in all matters concerned with the Contract Cleaning Industry.
  4. To speak for the members of the Association in matters affecting the industry and to make representation to Governments in that respect.
  5. To produce and maintain appropriate research and other information and to produce and disseminate briefs, reports and studies relating to the interests of the members of the Association.


  • PRIMARY MEMBER: $250.00 Annually
    A corporation or proprietorship that is primarily engaged in the Contract Cleaning Industry and is licensed as such. Entitled to one vote.
  • ASSOCIATE MEMBER: $275.00 Annually
    A corporation or proprietorship that is engaged in support services associated with the Contract Cleaning Industry. (i.e. supplier, consultant, etc.) Entitled to one vote.

We hereby make application to be accepted as a member of the BC Contract Cleaners (2003) Association (BCCCA). We have included the applicable membership dues and understand and support the purposes of the BCCCA. We confirm that, as applicable, we operate under the laws of Canada (Federally, Provincially and Municipally), are in good standing with WorkSafe BC and have current liability insurance coverage. We understand that this application is subject to approval by the Board of Directors of the BCCCA.

    The two alternate members representing our company are: