IMG_3975 Jean michelFullSizeRender kamleshOn Tuesday March 22/16 Jean-Michel Corbeil and Kamlesh Chouhan


Jean-Michel Corbeil
Sales Director, with InnuScience Canada for 25YEARS

• Is it possible to have eco-friendly products
as or better than traditional chemistry?
• Is it possible to maintain buildings
with two or three products?
• The importance of time and cost savings.

The future is going green.
In the past green cleaners were over priced and ineffective.

Innu-science has spent 25yrs researching biological cleaners and thinking outside the box.
This research is science based.
Bacteria!…….people think it is bad…..but 99% of bacteria is not bad for human beings.

Green biological products penetrate the dirt with Fermentation. This process will replace solvent based products.

You company needs something to work fast. 2 or 3 different bacteria for different dirt. These different bacteria can be put on your skin and not cause any harm. They are Ecologic and and nontoxic.

We want to look at the performance of these products but do not want a high cost.

If you can clean the building with 2 or 3 products rather than 11 different ones. Easier to train a worker on 2 or 3 products instead of 11 different ones. It saves time and therefore money. Also you are only ordering once per month instead of many times a month.

These products are non-corrosive therefore will not damage floors. It can get costly to have repair or replace a clent’s floor.
There are not any VOC’s in the wax.
These products can be used in cold water. When cold water is used the the product continues to clean even after the cleaning has finished. When something is cleaned there should be no odor.
90% of the contractors billing is time.
If the odor is removed the first time and a deep clean is done the first time than the number of visits is reduced there fore using less products.

Also the less number of products you have means storing is simple and you have less inventory.

Thank you Kamlesh & Jean Michel for a most informative education on Biological cleaners.!