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This is a synopsis of the BIOHAZARD TRAINING Presentation At the BCCCA April 26/2016 luncheon.

Our Presenter Darren Drew

 Regional Manager of Wesclean in BC
 Over 25 Yrs Of Experience in the cleaning industry,
 Creating and Conducting numerours Trainig Courses For All Facets Of Our Industry.

Gave us hands on training in Biohazard Handling Procedures


Across the nation the Department of Labour and Health Departments are enforcing regulated precautioinary measures in schools , nurse’s offices and doctors’ offices along with emergency medical workers, janitorial staffs and teachers.
OSHA’s recommendations for personal protection are based on the Univesal Precautions, set forth by the guidlines prescribed by the centers for Disease Control, for all workers who may be in contact with blood or other body fluids.

Protect Yourself – Your Staff – You’re Family.

How to Proceed In Accidental Spills

Absorbent Material is idea for use on potentially infectious spilled body fluids such as blood. urine, vomit, and feces. The following simple steps are recommended for fast,safe clean-up.

1.Inspect area with the biohazard and CORDEN off area affected.
2.Put on two pairs of MEDICAL GLOVES and all other appropriate protective equipment and clothing required for the clean-up. Why 2 pairs? 1 Pair could be punctured.
3.Sprinkle ABSORBENT MATERIAL over spilled area. Liquid will quickly congeal for safer handling
4.Remove congealed material with SCOOP and SCRAPER. Carefully place in RED BIOHAZARD BAG.
5.Disinfect affected surface area with DISINFECTION SOLUTION AND WIPE. Never Atomize over the area.
6.Place all contaminated materials (including first set of gloves) in RED BIOHAZARD BAG. Seal and dispose of bag as reqired by local regulations for infected solid waste.
7. Dispose of second set of gloves then wipe hands with ANTIMICROBIAL HAND WIPE or use other alcohol based hand sanitizer. Wash with soap and running water water as soon as possible.

Darren, on behalf of the BCCCA membership we would like to thank you for an excellent and comprehensive presentation on Biohazard Handling Procedures.
and we would like to admonish everyone stay safe out there in regards to biohazard situations. Get the training you need to keep yourself – Your Staff – You’re Family SAFE!