The  Italian Cultural Center has been a wonderful meeting venue for the BCCCA for many years. Unfortunately in early January were  informed by the ICC that they  would no  longer be able to accommodate our association as their meeting rooms were needed for  extra language classes.

So the board had to spring into action to secure a new meeting venue that was comparable to the ICC. That presented a few challenges……….location!…….quality of food!…. and parking.!Just one of these is a challenge….never mind trying to find them all  in Vancouver.

However we are happy to report that we have been successful! and  The Croatian Cultural Centre, located   at 3250  commercial Drive Vancouver B.C.  will now be the  new meeting venue for the BCCCA going forward.

We took a quick poll of the membership present (24) at  the January 26th luncheon and it was unanimously agreed that this was a good move. So we encourage you to join us at the next BCCCA luncheon Feb 23rd and let us know what you think……..

IMG_3229 new venue 2 IMG_3236 new venue 2