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On January, 26th  2016, Tim Clifford led the members in synopsis of the  recent survey that he emailed to members of the BCCCA.

The results will be extremely helpful to all of those but especially for  your board to make decisions from your input  for the benefits of the BCCCA membership.

Tim began the round table discussion with list of 6 topics








Tim began by saying that there should be no fear. Lack of knowledge is what creates fear.  When we share …we experience the opposite of fear. The survey showed that 2/3 thirds of the membership would share opportunities.


Allows sharing of values and sharing of expertise. Some might have expertise in floor care or  others in carpet care. Going forward the BCCCA website  would be a good place to showcase our strengths.


Website could also help with this as it would allow collaboration. To provide access to areas that  we would not have normally have access to.

Would continue to do a yearly Wage Survey, marketing on the website, Job Ads on the website.


Work safe regulations , Bidding process , Visit other boards , Lobbying , Minimum Wages, Best Practices Certification

Access to suppliers.


What is the most important thing BCCCA could do for the membership this year ?

Deciding on a Code of Ethics …..that we need a lot of input from the membership. If we define our selves by a Code of Ethics. We have to live by it.

One Surprise ….. the Summer golf tournament …..not too much interest.

Have been approached by other organizations to join them.

We are also hearing about standardization ideas for the professional Cleaning Industry.

Annual Scholarship idea did not garner much interest.

There is an  interest in a Equipment Coop.

Full disclosure here …. Most of the Supplier Members are interested in Lunch & Learn about

infection Control.

Barb Hall , Our president added a few final thoughts.

As your board we are going to work on all these things this year. This year we encourage the members to take owner ship of your organization and  put your mark on your organization.

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